iPoint is a comprehensive advocacy, outreach and technology management firm.

We serve both public agencies and private sector entities poised to transact business with these agencies. First and foremost we are proactive partners with our advocacy clients. Our seasoned professional staff is well-versed in public affairs and is comprised of exceedingly competent, politically savvy and highly experienced individuals. We offer our clients expert guidance in marketing, development and technology.

Public Sector

For public agencies we provide process assistance that allows constituent business to be transacted smoothly, efficiently and effectively. This includes electronic (egovernment), print and over-the-counter process and transaction solutions, as well as advising on means to streamline constituent transactional policies and procedures. We also represent governmental agencies on matters of interest they have before other jurisdictions and public agencies.

Private Sector

Private sector businesses that are interested in transacting business with public agencies can depend on IPoint Advisors to provide advocacy, community outreach, issue management and strategic support, regulatory issue resolution, media relations and strategic communications, crisis management and government procurement services. We also assist those involved in economic development programs that must gain the support and approval of local governments and citizens.