Public and Private Sector

IPoint Advisors combines private sector expertise with a deep understanding of the public sector to serve both public agencies and private sector entities. Ipoint Advisors extensive knowledge of the process to successfully implement these partnerships has enabled our clients to achieve success.

Public Sector Services

IPoint Advisors' professional staff is highly competent in developing and implementing programs that serve our public sector clients. We apply our many years of public service experience and comprehensive understanding of public policy to each task or program, while working closely with our client to achieve their particular goal or objective. The following IPoint Advisors services can be provided separately or in any combination as a broad-based program:

Electronic (egovernment) Process Solutions: Building upon years of expertise in both government and technology, IPoint Advisors offers public agencies a unique opportunity to streamline their operations by implementing technology-based systems that suit their particular needs. We assist public agencies with the design and implementation of constituent-based programs.

Private Sector Services

Working with private sector organizations to support and promote their endeavor in the public sector arena, IPoint Advisors provides the following services that are tailored to meet our clients' specific objectives:

Advocacy: We assist clients with developing a legislative and/or political strategy that will achieve their specific objectives while complying with the political landscape and sound public policy. IPoint Advisors also guides our private sector clients in their analysis of current public policy relative to their objective, so they can better define their position. With strategies and policy positions in place, we represent our clients' interests before local, county and state agencies.

Government Procurement: By guiding our clients through the procurement process, IPoint Advisors assists our clients in securing governmental contracts. Due to our positioning with numerous public agencies, we are often able to identify contract opportunities and present them to our clients. Our staff is well versed in minority and women business enterprise teaming arrangements and can provide introductions for our clients to key business owners.

Community Outreach: Duly integrated in local, regional and state business and political communities, we are well positioned to identify potential contractors and subcontractors for our clients' consideration that meet MBE/WBE qualifications and enjoy outstanding business reputations.

Issue Management & Strategic Support: On issues of public concern that affect our clients, IPoint Advisors will develop strategies and/or tactics designed to favorably affect public opinion. Focusing on public opinion leaders and other key stakeholders, strategies may either be grassroots-oriented or based in community relations or ally development.

Regulatory Issue Resolution: Utilizing our working relationships with elected officials and their staff, along with our political knowledge and savvy, IPoint Advisors works on our clients' behalf to resolve problematic regulatory issues. These efforts may be provided on an on-going basis, or in response to a specific short-term issue.